Exceptional sublimation performance and value.

A Rapidly Growing Market

Sportswear, décor, Point-of-Sale (POS) displays, trade show exhibits and a wide range of promotional products are just a few of the many opportunities available in dye sublimation printing. The Roland Texart RT-640 dye-sublimation printer was designed to provide superb quality, productivity and value with ease of use. Take a close look at the stunning output, then add up all the innovative features and we think you’ll agree: the RT-640 is simply brilliant.


It All Starts With the Ink

Roland’s new Texart dye sublimation ink delivers bold, vibrant color, deep, rich blacks, subtle gradations and remarkably fine details. The RT-640 can be configured as a four-color or eight-color device. In four-color (CMYK) mode, low-VOC Texart ink produces bright colors with velvety blacks, improved gray scale and high quality, detailed output. In eight-color (CMYKLcLmOrVi) mode, the addition of Orange and Violet ink produces an increased color gamut with exceptional reds, oranges, deep blues and purples, while Light Cyan and Light Magenta provide subtle gradations and beautiful skin tones. The new Roland bulk ink system includes airtight sealed one liter pouches. The proprietary Roland Ink Switching System automatically switches to the backup ink pouch when the primary pouch runs out. Further expediting production, you can replace an empty pouch without stopping the printer.

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