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Largest display of equipment outside M&R's Roselle factory

Even though it's arriving by truck, M&R is bringing a boatload of equipment to SGIA 2016. See below for details on new products and features—and scroll to the bottom to see the profusion of digital and screen printing equipment that will appear at the show. If you haven't yet had time to visit Roselle, make sure you don't miss SGIA.

M&R Rolls Out the 500th i-Image

See it at SGIA September 14-16, 2016

500th i-ImageThe 500th unit, an i-Image STE I imaging & exposure system, will be adorned with special badging marking the occasion and displayed at SGIA 2016. Geoff Baxter, Director of M&R's Digital Products Division, said, “In the three years we've been making i-Images, the demand has been phenomenal. Interest in the line started strong and continues to accelerate. We're now turning out approximately one i-Image per day and ramping up to produce them at an even faster rate."

For assistance with i-Image sales, contact Geoff at

Red Chili DX

Quartz flash cure operates from the control panel of compatible M&R presses

Red Chili DXM&R's new freestanding Red Chili DX quartz flash cure system offers all the benefits of the Red Chili and Red Chili D*, but has numerous sophisticated features that can be operated directly from newer compatible M&R presses (Challenger IIIGauntlet III & Stryker). Those features include flash duration, power level, temperature sensor, and programmed individual multi-function settings (recipes).

* Other features include medium-wave sealed tungsten filament quartz lamps with adjustable intensity and instant-on flash cure technology; three flashing zones, which can be operated independently or in any combination; and M&R's exclusive InkSense™ substrate temperature sensor that helps prevent dye migration and synthetic garment shrinkage by automatically shutting off the flash cure unit when the substrate reaches operator-set temperature

Kruzer Special Offer

Your customers get a free Killer Black Shirts training kit containing a $295 certificate

DVD-kitWith each Kruzer purchase, we're including a free training kit containing Operation Screen Print: Killer Black Shirts by Dane Clement & Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants (a $400 value) and a $295 certificate good toward M&R squeegees, floodbars & pallets.

Killer Black Shirts (KBS) will teach your customers all they need to know about printing on black shirts, from artwork separations and screen preparation to printing positives—and everything in-between. KBS will stock their arsenals with the knowledge they need to start turning out killer black shirts.

The certificate entitles purchasers to a $295 discount on a one-time purchase of over $595 on any combination of squeegees, floodbars, and pallets. The purchase must be made within six months of Kruzer purchase. The kit is valued at $695, and is available while supplies last.

Direct questions to Andy Oleson, M&R Textile Product Manager, at

M&R's SGIA Lineup

14-16 September in Las Vegas

Here's a partial list of all you and your customers will see in the M&R booth at SGIA. It's no wonder we're the world's largest maker of screen printing equipment.

Direct-to-Garment Printers
M-Link & M-Link X

Direct-to-Garment Pretreatment Machine

Computer-to-Screen Imaging & Imaging/Exposure Systems
i-Image STE I

Screen Exposure Systems
D-ScanStarlight & Starlight Gemini

Automatic Textile Presses
Gauntlet IIIStrykerSportsman EX & Diamondback S

Manual Textile Presses
KruzerSidewinderSidewinder Solo

Gas Dryers
Sprint 3000 60" & Sprint 3000 72" with Crossover Belt

Electric Dryers
Fusion & Economax D

Flash Cures
Blu-FlashRed Chili D, Red Chili DX, Cayenne D & Tacana D

Folding Machine

Bagging Machines
AB-9000 & Omni-Bagger

Taggers & Labelers
L-15H & LLM

Ancillary Textile Equipment
Tri-Loc registration system; Uni-Kote automatic screen coater; Eco-Tex & Eco-Tex Mini screen cleaners; Eco-Rinse screen rinsing machine; Flocker 3000Qwik-Klamp squeegee clamping system

Flatbed Graphics Presses
Renegade & Saturn Platinum II

Graphics Dryer
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