High-end: The new PRETREATmaker IV will replace the PRETREATmaker III.
Low-end: Introduction of basic model PRETREATmaker Basic.

Dear valued Schulze-Dealers,

Today I would like to introduce to you the newest models of PRETREATmakers. Through consistent further development and improvements of the PRETREATmaker III we are able to present to you the the PRETREATmaker IV, latest generation of our high-end pretreatment system. For you convenience we have compiled an Info-PDF containing all new improvements of the PRETREATmaker IV. 

Walter Schulze GmbH has identified the DTG markets need for a low-end version of PRETREATmakers suitable to beginners. Our most recent family member – the PRETREATmaker Basic – fulfils all the requirements of a beginner model. Much more detailed information about our low-end pretreatment system can be drawn from the attached Info-PDF. 

The PRETREATmaker III is a discontinued model and will be replaced by the PRETREATmaker IV. Market launch for both models will be August 1st 2016. 

IMPORTANT: During market launch there will be extended delivery times. Please note the last price increase of the PRETREATmaker III. You can find the information here

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Best regards 
Peter Meidinger